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The SPOT Standard Digital Product Format

SPOT, IMAGE (1997) The SPOT Standard Digital Product Format. Technical Report. UNSPECIFIED.

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This document describes the format of the "SPOT scene" digital products which are produced and distributed by SPOT IMAGE. This format is also called the "CAP format", since it has been designed to be produced by the Centre d’Archivage et de Prétraitement (CAP) located at SPOT IMAGE premices, in Toulouse. This format concerns the SPOT scenes which are processed at level 1A, 1B or 2A. For other digital products (level 2B, Ortho-images, Imagemaps like SPOTViewÒ ), the format is the GIS-Geospot format (or “DIMAP”format) which is outside the scope of this document. This format is capable of handling the additionnal Short Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) band of SPOT 4. In the following, all specific to SPOT 4 will be with this font, in italic (titles or comments in “Times” italic are not to be considered as “SPOT 4 specific”) It has to be noticed that the previous format, defined in the document SI/AT/85.0113 as well as in the Volume 2, chapter 2 of the SPOT Users Handbook will still be delivered for the following reasons : 1) there is an existing stock of old SPOT scenes, already processed at level 1B, which are available only with the old format, 2) and it is impossible to convert the old one into the new one and vice-versa, because of the different characteristics of the Level 1B geometric modelisation.

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