CEDA Repository

CEDA document repository help

Forgotten your password?

  • Click on the Login link
  • You can enter a new password here by entering your registered email address.
  • You can also reset your password through the Login page.

To enter an item into the CEDA repository

  • Login to the repository
  • From the Manage deposits page:
  • Click on the New Item button
  • Select the Item Type which best describes what you are uploading
  • If you require assistance throughout the process click on the button to see guidance on a particular field.
  • Required fields are marked

Click on the Next button to move to the Upload section
  • Select the appropriate tab for your item type e.g.file, zip file, tar.gz file or url (if you are uploading a document from a website).
  • Click Browse to locate where your file is stored and, once selected, click the Upload button
  • You will then see an icon showing the file format and some fields concerning the file.
    • It is not essential to complete any of these fields but, if you are uploading several similar items into one e-print, you may find it useful to add something to the Description field
    • You may also want to select a content type e.g. Presentation

Click on the Next button to move to the Details section
  • The available fields will alter depending on the Item type you selected at the start of the process
    • The buttons should provide all the information you need and you are advised to look at these to ensure you are following the CEDA policy for particular fields:
      • e.g. initials in author names should not be separated by dots
      • e.g. abbreviations and acronyms should be written out in full with the abbreviation/acronym following in brackets
  • You must enter a title
  • An abstract is useful but not essential for all items
  • A creator's name must always be entered. Where it is not known enter as [Unknown][A] in the name fields
  • If there is no obvious creation/document date, enter the date you are depositing the item and select publication date
  • The Comments and Suggestions field is for you to enter comments/queries for the editor and will not appear in the repository view

Click on the Next button to move to the Subjects section
  • You must select at least one of the CEDA subject areas
  • Enter any other keywords which would be useful for researchers
Click on the Next button to move to the Deposit section
  • You will need to click on the Deposit Now button to confirm that you agree with the terms prior to your item being forwarded to the editor.

Your item will be reviewed by the editor and if it is successful it will appear in the repository, if unsuccessful it will be returned to you with editorial comments.
You can monitor the progress and look of your deposited items through the Manage Deposits page.

To create a template

  • You can select any of your previously deposited items to use as a template for a future input.
  • From the Manage Deposits screen
  • Click on the item that you want to use as a template;
  • Click on the Actions tab
  • Click on the option to Use as a template
    • A new item will be created in your work area and the item that opens on your screen will be the new item (e.g. the template) for you to edit.
  • If you return to Manage Deposits you will see an editable version of your previous document, so that you can modify the necessary fields and deposit your new item.